i’m sorry but i have to let out my chen feels. i’ve been silent too long

let’s just take a good look at this man. A GOOD LOOK

and now this.

you guys prolly don’t care, but here i go…..

i know there have been people who’ve touched upon this before, but i’m gonna add my own take on this.

like i’m sorry, but what the actual f-ck. the other members have plenty of gifts, and here chen is, walking like a boss, with none. i give you a round of applause chen, because every time you’re at the airport, you don’t have a pouty or an upset face because you don’t have any gifts. hell, if i were him, i’m sure i’ll be throwing a tantrum by now. i mean, yeah maybe he put the gifts in his bag or something, but honestly, i don’t think so. chen is in this NOT for the fame or the recognition or that kinda shiet; he’s in it because he loves to sing. you can sense it, feel it. i get goosebumps every time i hear him sing. i know i’m not the only one that thinks chen needs to be appreciated more…and i just hope one day, with his talents and looks, he will rise to even more greatness…

and if i ever get to meet EXO at the airport, i’m gonna buy chen the giant-est muthaf-cking gift in the entire world. seriously. 

  1. herid answered: :’)
  2. eyesthatsing answered: gosh agreex100 i feel the same thing. he is the most sincere thing ever. we can see it on each shows. hope things will work out well for him
  3. sunny-daes-ahead answered: this makes me really sad /sigh/
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